Originating in Sacramento Ca. by founders Tomas O’Mallan, AJ O’Mallan and family in 2006. Calibis’s roots run deep. We hold our family and culture close to our heart. Embracing the core values of honesty and respect. We cherish building close bonds and relationships with the community to ensure a forever growing our Family. We started in our Garage with an idea and a t-shirt screen press. We felt a deep love for the California Cannabis lifestyle but could never relate to the mainstream clothing that did not represent us. So we started our company with a defining logo that slowly evolved into a true California Lifestyle Brand. With the community slang and swag, we created cool concepts like “Lets Toke About It” and “Chiefin.” We soon knew there were more people like us out there that wanted to wear their lifestyle. We kept the designs classy and clever, using quality graphics that interpret the current day influences. Eventually we wanted to push our lifestyle, but mostly we wanted to keep “Pushing Love Not Poison.” This slogan defined our community and movement.

 Above our Cannabis background we realized we were influencing positive mindsets and lifestyles. This is when we decided to keep pushing, because pushing more peace into this world is the most gratifying feeling any human can feel. We plan to be a leading voice in the culture by building a community with parallel interest. Making our tagline “Push Love Not Poison” a common theme for an everyday goal with people around the world. So follow our journey and movement as we try to make the world a better place one t-shirt at a time. 



Push Love Not Poison. Calibis aims to push love throughout our world with clothing designs that make you feel good, laugh, and switch from a negative mindset to a positive one. We represent our lifestyle with purpose, without sacrificing quality and style. Inspiring nothing but Love and the intent to spread it. We are “Love Pushers.”

At Calibis, we're all about spreading the Movement of peace, love and good vibes worldwide. But we can't do it alone because it takes a community—better yet—a movement! If you want to be part of ours, then we'd love for you to sign up for our Ambassador Program! If we think you're a good fit, we'll be sure to contact you ✌! 

Ambassador Starter Pack

  • 5-10 wristbands
  • 10-15 stickers
  • 25% OFF coupon cards to hand out to prospective customers
  • A one-time 40% OFF coupon for your first purchase as an ambassador

As an ambassador you'll have tons of opportunities to earn Calibis gear when a certain amount of sales are made with your coupon code.

  • First $100 in sales — Free shirt for you & a friend
  • Reach $500 in sales – 2 hats & 4 shirts
  • Achieve $1000 in sales – Elite ambassador level, personal discount for the year (50%) and other awesome perks!
*In order to keep elite ambassador membership you must make $1000 in sales per year. Going 6 months without a sale results in the loss of your ambassadorship.