An Unforgettable Night with The Green: A Celebration of Music, Friendship, and Aloha Spirit


An Unforgettable Night with The Green: A Celebration of Music, Friendship, and Aloha Spirit


An Unforgettable Night with The Green: A Celebration of Music, Friendship, and Aloha Spirit


Two weeks ago, the Calibis Crew had the incredible opportunity to witness The Green, a remarkable reggae band hailing from Oahu, Hawaii, deliver an awe-inspiring performance at Sacramento's renowned venue, Ace of Spades. This article delves into the unforgettable experience of being captivated by their music, exploring the unique bond between the Calibis Crew and The Green, and delving into the musical journey of the band that has made them true ambassadors of Aloha.

The Green: A Journey of Aloha and Success

The Green's journey began on the picturesque island of Oʻahu in 2009. Founded by Caleb Keolanui, Ikaika Antone, JP Kennedy, Zion Thompson, Brad Watanabe, and Jordan Espinoza, the band's sound masterfully blends dub-heavy roots reggae, smooth lovers' rock, and contemporary pop and rock with indigenous Hawaiian musical and lyrical references. With a sound that resonates with people from all walks of life, The Green has become synonymous with the Aloha spirit, spreading love and positivity through their craft.

The Calibis Crew: From Fans to Friends

Back in 2010 and 2011, our love for The Green's music forged an extraordinary connection. Offering them the finest weed and supporting them during their tours, the Calibis Crew became more than just fans; we became brothers. The bond between us evolved to a point where The Green considered the Crew family, and whenever they were in Sacramento, we'd spent time together, sharing meals, good time, and creating lasting memories.


A Bond Beyond Music

Through the years, the Calibis Crew and The Green developed a strong bond that transcended the music. Collaborating on various business endeavors, the band supported the Crew's brand, rocking our clothes on some of the biggest stages, and promoting us on social media. This genuine friendship has been a source of inspiration for both parties, igniting a sense of unity and camaraderie that remains strong to this day.

The Unforgettable Night at Ace of Spades

The atmosphere at Ace of Spades was electric as The Green took the stage. With three lead singers, they filled the entire venue with their soulful melodies, immersing the audience in a sea of music. The crowd was alive, singing along to every track, hands raised in the air, and smiles lighting up the room.

The night featured some of their most popular songs, including the captivating "Alive" and the classic "Love I." They even graced the audience with their new track, "Summertime," leaving everyone in awe of their musical talent. As the night drew to a close, The Green wrapped up with a powerful rendition of "Coming Home," leaving the audience yearning for more.

The Green: Ambassadors of Aloha

Beyond their captivating performances, The Green serves as true ambassadors of Aloha, bringing the spirit of Hawaii to audiences worldwide. With countless miles of touring and six studio albums, they have earned recognition and respect, representing Hawaiian culture and people through their music.

The experience of witnessing The Green's performance at Ace of Spades was nothing short of magical. It's not just their music but the essence of friendship, love, and unity that they bring to the stage that makes them exceptional. The Green's journey continues, and their dedication to spreading positive vibes through their music remains unwavering.

So, if you ever have the opportunity to catch The Green live, don't miss it! Their music will touch your soul, and their Aloha spirit will leave a lasting impression.

By Devyn Session

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