Rising Together for Guam: A Show of Solidarity after the Typhoon


Rising Together for Guam: A Show of Solidarity after the Typhoon


Rising Together for Guam: A Show of Solidarity after the Typhoon


Today, we want to bring your attention to an important cause. The beautiful island of Guam, the home we cherish and love, has recently been affected by a substantial super typhoon. The strongest storm to impact the island in decades . Though the typhoon has indeed left its mark, we're inspired by the resilience of Guam's people and are geared up to assist in the island's recovery.


Info on the recent events:
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In collaboration with our partners at Denanche Drizzle and Prubechu in San Francisco and Guam, we've started a GoFundMe campaign. Our aim is to rally our community, both near and far, around this cause. Whether you consider Guam home, have loved ones residing there, or have fond memories of a visit, we invite you to join us on this mission.

We know the power of a shared cause can ripple out and make waves. So, we're encouraging everyone to share the GoFundMe link within your circles. Let's collectively channel our strength to support the islanders and facilitate the restoration and rebuilding process.

Every contribution, large or small, will be received with immense gratitude and will be used for the benefit of the people of Guam. We have reliable contacts on the ground who will ensure the funds are directed to the most pressing needs. While the island is facing challenges like disrupted water and power supply, we're heartened by the spirit of community coming together to support one another.

Currently, the island is dealing with fuel and water shortages, with parts of it still without power. As local communities navigate the journey of rebuilding, let's lend our support and resources. Our collective strength can ease their burden and accelerate their recovery. Community is about leaning on each other during times of need, and this is one such moment when our extended family in Guam could use our support.

We extend our hand to you - our friends, family, and loved ones - to join us in this endeavor. Please help us spread the word and let's together pool funds to assist those who need it most. We appreciate your generosity and your commitment to stand with us and with Guam.

As we navigate these challenges, let's remain filled with love and peace. Let's take this as an opportunity to show our resilience and unity. Guam, stay strong. You're not alone on this journey. We stand with you, thinking of you, and ready to help. Together, we are more formidable than any storm.

By Devyn Session

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