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Calibis Live Sessions


Calibis Live Sessions


If you're familiar with the Calibis brand and its people, you know how much music is near and dear to our hearts. Ever since we started the brand in 2006, we made it one of our top priorities to support the music industry, its performing artists, and the industry members around them. While our company's music preference spans a wide variety of tastes and genres, Reggae has shown us the most love throughout our journey. Every year since the inception of our brand, we have made it out to numerous reggae and cannabis music festivals. This is where we had the strongest opportunity to connect with the crowd and build solid relationships with the artists that performed. 

Building Relationships with old Friends:

While pushing love through the years, we cultivated a great relationship with our friend Eric Rachmany, lead singer of Rebelution. With many great experiences together, we have become family. Our vibes matched almost instantly, especially because he Pushes Love and parallels our movement. Beyond being a musician and a father, he is an advocate for the cannabis community and has done incredible charitable work with the Last Prisoner Project

Last April, we took the Calibis team and the family down to Santa Barbara to catch up with Eric and his family. During our time down south, we chatted with Eric about his experiences on the road and the aspects of his life that inspired some of his music. 

We reached out and partnered with our family friend Jerico Aguon from San Diego to produce the first edition of our brand-new series, Calibis Live Session

Expanding Upon Culture of Music with our Friends:

As a brand that loves music, we wanted to provide a new experience for our fans. We feel like it's a great way to spread love and positivity through music.

Calibis Live Sessions allows us to give a more intimate musical eargasm to our audience. We aim to use our platform to strengthen the relationship between our people and the culture of music. Calibis is a movement that supports the development of art and music. We’re excited to explore this journey. 

This is the start of the Calibis Live Sessions, a live and acoustic look into some of our favorite artists.  

Push Love, baby. 

- Calibis 

By Devyn Session
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